SolarPod Stand Alone Solar Panels

Have you ever dreamedStand alone solar panels. of the day when you could simply reach out to the Sun and get it to power your home? Well, that day is here! The SolarPodTM Standalone, a one-of-kind solar energy generator. SolarPodTM Standalone is a radically different OFF-GRID Plug & Play solar photovoltaic system. The system is completely integrated with solar panels, inverter, charge controller, batteries, racking and cables.
After receiving your SolarPodTM Standalone, you simply unpack it, complete a super easy assembly, point it towards the sun and before you know it, you are powering the microwave, TV, refrigerator, lamps and other electronic devices in your home. Put simply, getting the SolarPodTM Standalone to work is as simple as plugging in your appliance.
And if you have a cabin or other getaway that's "off the grid", the SolarPodTM Standalone is just what you need. There is no need to wire anything up to the outside. Simply plug in your appliances and you can have all the comforts of modern life, without the hassles of dealing with utility companies.
The SolarPodTM Standalone will provide you with clean, free, renewable energy, allowing you to be smart with your money and sensible about the earth.

Off Grid Solar Panel System

Key Features

  • Plug & Play solar PV.
  • Ideal for off-grid locations.
  • Modular approach.
  • Significant cost savings.
  • Easy snow removal.
  • No south-facing roof required.
  • Significantly reduced building permits.
  • Quick-change tilt angles for summer and winter.
  • Ships on one pallet and assembles within 2 to 3 hours.

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