Countertop Resurfacing

Are your kitchen or bathroom countertops in dire need of a make-over?

Are durability, easy installation, uniqueness, and low maintenance among your considerations for a new countertop?

If you answered yes to these questions, then iCoat countertops from CRG are for you.

iCoat countertops can be customized for each individual customer, thereby guaranteeing that no two countertops will be the same. Customers can choose to have their countertops in an almost endless number of colors and patterns.

The countertops can be made to look like granite, quartz, marble, other natural or synthetic stone, or anything your mind can imagine. Customers can also get our new look, metal illusions. iCoat’s countertops are as durable, or more, as most other materials and are heat scorch resistant up to 500 degrees F.

The countertop surfaces are also seamless and non-porous, eliminating the need to reseal every year. They are able to withstand the shock of dropped items and it is easy to preserve their beauty with only regular cleaning routines and an occasional wipedown with Windex.

iCoat’s concrete is lightweight and can be applied over existing countertops made of tile, formica, wood, or other hard surface materials. Because the concrete is lightweight, there is no need for special supports in the cabinets, which is often required for installation of granite, marble, quartz, and corian materials. Since iCoat concrete can be applied over exisitng countertops, it reduces both installation time and material costs.