Decorative Concrete for Patios, Sidewalks & Driveways

Concrete ResurfacingCRG’s iCoat Concrete Resurfacing System offers both interior and exterior decorative flooring. The flooring products can be used for both commercial spaces and residential places. The finished product can withstand the rigors of pedestrian and wheeled equipment traffic and still maintain its original beauty. The flooring is easy to maintain, just needing to be swept and mopped to keep it clean.

iCoat customers who want to achieve the look of tile, slate, travertine, or other stones or patterns in an almost endless selection of colors can have our products installed in their homes or places of business. Again, the designs are endless. We will make your floor as unique and custom as you would like.

We are even able to go over subfloors which will allow you to have a concrete floor in any room in your house at a fraction of the price that other flooring installers are able to do.

iCoat flooring is very durable and able to go on driveways, patios, walkways, bathrooms, and any other indoor or outdoor room that you would like to have a custom stone look in.